Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've been reading the Happiness-Project and it amazes me how all the quirky faults she outlines about herself, I totally understand and see within myself. One of them is showcased in her commandment titled "Let it Go". She describes her problem as such.

"I hate to be wrong, I hate to screw up, I hate to forget to do something – and it really bothers me when I do. I want to bore everyone with my endless explanations, justifications, and excuses."

I can relate completely. I grew up thinking I needed to be "perfect" and when I do anything less than perfect, I like to rehash every error elong the wayand explain how that error came to be despite my detail oriented ways. It's just who I am--I am fixated on composure and not looking foolish. (I am a "green" person according to a recent personality test... green people are private, they're perfectionists, they are oftentimes crazy). (If you'd like to take the test--www.true-colors.com)

And so, today I am grateful to come upon The Happiness Project. I am hoping to come up with my own set of commandments which so far look a lot like the author's. I am hoping these little commandments will help me stay focused on the bigger picture and what really matters in life...

1. Accept yourself... Be Margaret.
2. Be fair... Be understanding.. Be polite.
3. Let it go. Ask yourself, Does it really matter?
4. Be Patient.
5. Act happy. You will be happy.
6. Don't overanalyze--just accept.
7. Do what matters.
8. Be silly.
9. Take it in--each moment only lasts for a moment.

I hope these commandments will help set me up for when I write my DayZero list!

To be cont'd.

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