Thursday, November 5, 2009

To have faith... or not to have faith.

"If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him."

I saw an awesome interview of Lewis Black this morning. It was only an excerpt but it was brilliant; he outlined his reasons for why he believed in God; and why he doesn't believe in God. Whether you have a faith in Him or not, I think it's important to understand why you do. I thought I would compile my own list of reasons, trying to stay in Black's lighthearted style...

Reasons to Believe:
1. I'd feel bad for all the men who built those cathedrals.
2. Hiccups are inexplicable without Him.
3. Death is a less frightening thought.
4. Electrons and protons boggle my mind....(except I can feel static. I can't feel God.)
5. Wine.

Reasons I don't Believe:
1. I can feel static.
2. Cats get cancer too. That's just cruel.
3. Animals can be gay. It's natural, not a sin.
4. My mother doesn't.
5. Jared Diamond's books explain anthropological evolution so well.
6. All the bad things I ever did were not because the devil told me to do it.
7. My will has been pretty free.

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