Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Little Things in Life: Leave it to Beaver and other great theme songs

Eddie Haskell: Gee, your kitchen always looks so clean.
June Cleaver: Why, thank you, Eddie.
Eddie Haskell: My mother says it looks as though you never do any work in here.
Leave it to Beaver

I've decided to start a new series in my blog about the little things in life that make it great. It will basically highlight actual things that make me happy...

I realized a few months ago that I get really bored with "domestic" duties. Laundry, cleaning, dishes... it all gets pretty tedious and repetitive, right? However, if you've got some music to rock on to, all those little domest-ickies become easier to do. I was walking to the store a few months ago, kinda zoned out, and started playing this little tune in my head. Didn't really pay much attention to it until I realized how much my mood was lifted. And then I recognized the tune! Oh gloriousness, the Leave it to Beaver theme song... Kinda dopey, but it freakishly works. I try not to admit it to too many people but I'm not ashamed... it's a happy little tune.

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  1. Sweeping and mopping my living room/kitchen floor was never better than when I did it listening to Billie Holiday.