Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedding series: Vows

Together we are better than the sum of our parts.
UPS man, seat 42B

I wanted to post our vows, so when I got sad or mad or just felt like having a pick-me-up, I could reread these, remind myself of what a gorgeous day that turned out to be and remind myself of the feelings I had when I wrote mine and when I heard his. Today, and everyday, I am thankful for these vows and the love that inspired them.

These were too beautiful to only have for one day....

Clint's vow:
I was told by a great friend, 'You know when you love someone fully when you have told them everything and your heart is laid bare.'

Since you appeared in my life, at an occasion similar to this, you have ignited my passion to live. Your beauty and intelligence invigorates my life. Your strength and passion lifts my spirit. You make me a better man.

All that you give for me, all that you do, I promise to do for you, I promise to share with you all that I am; to stand besides and support you while you achieve all your dreams. I promise true faith to you for all my life. As your friend, your confidante, your partner, I promise to
love you.

My vow:
Five years ago, I told myself I would never settle. Five years ago, I learned to have patience and faith in a love that was waiting for me somewhere. Five years ago, I was inspired by the best advice I had ever been given, and it was by a stranger on a plane. When I asked him, how do you know when it’s the right person? He said the most simplest and profound thing; He said, “When the two of you together are better than the sum of your parts, that’s when it’s right… that’s when you’ve found him”. It wouldn’t be for another two years that I would learn the depths of these words.

Clint, it is in you that I learned what love is, how to accept love wholly and to love unconditionally. You make me feel like the person I want to be; and you make me feel like I can be anything. I have loved you since I met you and I promise to love you forever. I promise to be there to console you in bad times and to rejoice with you and bring joy to your heart in the good times. I promise to laugh with you (and maybe at you) to keep our souls young; and to be by your side during the struggles as we grow old. I promise to walk by your side in the light, to lead you in the dark, and to have faith when I need your guidance. I promise to mirror your potential and to support your dreams. You have brought meaning to my life as you brought meaning to those words five years ago—together we are better than the sum of our parts. I promise to never forget that. I love you.

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  1. I agree margie, you guys did a great job on them. So happy to have been able to be a part of it. :)