Monday, August 2, 2010

Try and try again: Inspiration!

Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose.
Tom Krause

I've been completing avoiding my blog. I don't mean to be so incognito but one could say I'm busy playing with my awesome new toy (Nikon D90) or that I am busy preparing for trips and vacations (California in 10 days) or that I have just been uninspired in the writing department.

However, I have been inspired in life. While my writing neurons haven't been firing much, my creative juices have indeed been flowing and my zeal for all the things life has possible is at an upturn. I've started playing soccer with Clint (yay for him pushing me because even though I have the skills of a dead goat, I love trying while I'm out there)and I've been marinating a been more on my plans for the Red Cross. I've also been excited about all my plans for... well... life in general. I was in a bit of a rut for a while but now with wedding planning behind us, I have so much more time to focus on school, life, environmentalism, etc. I'm a junkie for environmental tips and green living, and I am addicted to documentaries about the planet, food, healthy living, sustainability and the like so I have been watching documentary after documentary. Poor CLint has to put up with the after-effects of this though (I cried after The Cove... I couldn't help it. So sad....) Now, my environmentalist, hippie-heart is ready to fire up a new way of life. Clint and I have been talking about starting a garden in our next home and maybe even getting a chicken or two. (I don't know if Gwen and Will will love that or hate it but we'll see). I'm also aiming for us to take a volunteer-vacation at least every other year. I'm aiming for Thailand and an eco-tour to save sea turtles as our next trip.

While we may not save the world, I'm hoping to at least make an impact on my world. I also hope these efforts and this inspiration translate into great material for the after-school project I'm working on. No, I'm not part of some after-school club... but I am trying to start one. (Thanks to Allysyn who pushed me to 1)join the Red Cross, and 2)nurture my need-to-help instincts and translate it into something for the base high school.)

We didn't get to start the garden at our current home the way I had hoped but I have been given the time to learn new things and get inspired and be prepared for the next location so that we can maximize all our efforts... Looking forward to trying. Even looking forward to failing if it means I get a lesson out of it and can try again.

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