About Marge and Mercimillefois!

I'm the mama of two dopey, 'daft' kitties, the lady-friend to a pilot-man, and a numbers cruncher for an NGO called Camfed.

Mercimillefois was born one dreary day whilst planning for my wedding and trying to find a theme for a blog that will keep me writing, keep me motivated, and keep me positive. My gratitude for my bridesmaids and my life in general inspired Merci Mille Fois. The rules of my blog are: no negativity (unless it is to illustrate the positive; no ranting/venting/bitching), focus on the positive (not necessarily a repetition of the last rule), and either express gratitude for things in my life or write about things that help other people see the things they can be grateful for.

We currently live in a little town called Ely, near a small city called Cambridge, near a large city called London, on a big island called the United Kingdom. There are lots of potholes, clouds, roundabouts, and pigs on this island.

Feel free to comment on my blog! I love to hear other people's thoughts and musings. And if you have an idea for a post, let me know (and maybe you can even be a guest blogger!)