My Commandments

Inspired by the Happiness Project, these commandments are meant to help me stay focused on what really matters in life, how to be the person I want to be, and how to be happier. In no particular order:

1. Accept yourself... Be Margaret.
2. Be fair... Be understanding.. Be polite.
3. Let it go. Ask yourself, Does it really matter?
4. Be Patient.
5. Act happy. You will be happy.
6. Don't overanalyze--just accept.
7. Do what matters.
8. Be silly (especially when you don't want to).
9. Take it in--each moment only lasts for a moment.
10. When in sadness, bake some madness. (Creativity feeds my soul and inspires me whether it's baking, sketching, or writing.)
11. Never settle.
12. Be present... mindful of where, when and who you are with!