Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mix it Up

"If you only do what you know you can do... you don't do very much."
Tom Krause

Some great tips on freshening up your daily routine... It'll do a bit to lift your mood and your health! Some ways to implement these ideas? Cook with your eyes closed? OK, maybe shower with your eyes closed... Watch a foreign language movie and really listen to the words... Try wiping your bum with the other hand... Lots of ways!

Speaking of new things we add to our routine, Clint and I have been trying the CrossFit workout to help us train for our marathon in Athens in November. Is it coming up really soon? Yes. Are Clint and I ready? Not at all, we just started. Do I have faith in my ability to run 26.2 miles on the same path the original marathoner ran? Not really.... BUT, if I am going to fail anywhere, why not in Athens!?
In seriousness though, I am really thankful to be living somewhere where I can even fathom having the time, resources, and proximity to consider running a marathon in Athens! Who knew loving this random pilot dude at a wedding would bring me to England where I can do cool things like that? Granted it is all perspective... someone in England would probably think it's awesome to live in the states and be able to run the Boston Marathon.... I'm pretty grateful I lived in the bay and could run the Bay to Breakers! (And I re-did the math--YES, it IS 12k/7.5 miles... I'm Asian, don't question my math abilities).
Oh and even moreso, I am grateful I have working legs. Honestly, I tear up when I read about Pakistani children getting their legs ripped off in random bombings... I feel like an ass not being more grateful about these things. We should all feel so grateful....

off I go to rest up before another CrossFit workout today! :P

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