Monday, September 7, 2009

Two Years

Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.

It's been two years since we met and two years ago I thought to myself, he could be the one. If I could be so lucky, I'd marry him. And two years later, he is and I can only fathom will always be the one.

He makes me happy for a multitude of reasons but he makes me feel loved by accepting me. He makes me insane sometimes for all the reasons we shouldn't be together, but he makes me insanely in love for the mere fact none of those reasons matter. He makes me smile for all those silly quirks he has and he makes me feel complete because before I ever met him, I had some of those same quirks too...

There are a handful of points in my life that could have been different--a different choice in college, a different roommate senior year, a different bridesmaid instead of me.... and I never would have met him. But some people say "things happen for a reason" and those things eventually lead you to your fate. If fate exists and it led me to him, then I am grateful for fate. But if life is full of happy coincidences, sheer luck, and happenstance, that I am incredibly thankful for the road happenstance has led me to.
I'm not sure I care about how I got here... I'm just grateful that I am here with him.

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